Although the idea for SPIRAL was born in Amsterdam, we are a collective of expats, international students and creatives from all over the world. Among those are many from Ukraine. They are our board members, graphic designers, our editors, but most importantly they are our friends.

Spiral values unity and diversity. Ukraine has united to fight for their freedom, for their right to exist. We could not just stand aside and decided to support Ukraine using our platform and share with you a list of initiatives that you can donate to. We will be regularly updating this list.

Uzvar Collective
Ukrainian Signal
Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund
Kyiv Angels
Serhiy Prytula Foundation
Come Back Alive
Kyiv Pride
Vitsche Berlin

Remember that any amount matters - in fact, it is these 1 euro donations that matter the most. And if you are unable to donate there is always the option to follow, spread the news, share, educate yourself and others.

Do not forget there are also fundraising events happening all around the world. Follow our links to stay updated ︎

Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!

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