While it’s been a strong year for films so far, there’s still tons of cinematic events yet to come. Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Part Two and Ridley Scott’s Napoleon are slated to hit screens in November, and that’s not to mention the joint release of Barbie and Oppenheimer not long ago. There’s a lot to look forward to at cinemas this year, indie and otherwise, and if you live in the Netherlands, there’s a little hack that’ll make it all the more affordable. 

As with most everything else, movie ticket prices have been steadily climbing, and were it not for Cineville, how else could you afford to go see all the upcoming bangers and get a little popcorn on the side?

Launched in 2009, the Cineville movie pass grants unlimited access to nearly every theatre in the Netherlands for a monthly price of 18.50€ if you’re under 30 years old. Pay the monthly fee, receive your physical card in the mail, and make the most of it.

The average movie ticket in the Netherlands will go from anywhere between 10 to 14€, mostly depending on the venue. That means that if you go to the movies more than once a month (as you should), then the pass is worth it.

It roughly evens out to a movie ticket and a half and can be used as frequently as you like. It’s a (not so) hidden gem in the Netherlands that makes regular movie-going an affordable pastime.

It also doubles as free entry to cinematic events in the Netherlands’ indie cinemas. Take Kino in Rotterdam, which, besides screening all the new releases, regularly (and very enthusiastically) shows old classics and recent sleeper hits that would otherwise be very hard to catch on the big screen.

Upcoming specials of theirs include What Would Wes Watch?, an exploration of the films that inspired Wes Anderson in the build-up to the release of Asteroid City, his latest film. They’ll also be showing Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s one-woman play Fleabag based on her hit comedy series for three nights back-to-back later this month.

Kriterion in Amsterdam similarly reruns old classics with an expansive and thoroughly curated agenda filled with indie hits and blockbusters alike. It’s usually a good sign when a theatre is willing to show a lot of Werner Herzog flicks, and Herzog-heads should note that they’ll be showing Fitzcarraldo this month as well. And for all this, Cineville’s got it covered.

It’s not so much that Cineville is just for movie nerds, though. Rather, with the Cineville pass being one of the best moviegoing deals in Europe, it represents an opportunity to make going to catch a film a real and sustainable hobby. Going more than once a month makes the pass worth it, and since cinema visits are free anyway, pass holders don’t have to think twice about spontaneously going to see a film, new or old, once or twice or three times a week.

Whether as a means to justify sitting in a dark room full of strangers for hours every week or as a way to support the movie industry and foster a passion for film, Cineville rules.
Here’s a short list of some of this summer’s cinematic events in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam - all of which may be accessed with a Cineville card.

Life is Fantastic
Lantaren Venster Rotterdam
14 July - 27 August 2023

Inspired by the upcoming Barbie movie, Lantaren Venster will be showing  a whole slew of campy films inspired by Margot Robbie and her Barbie aura.

Expat Cinema Rotterdam
Lantaren Venster Rotterdam
All year round
Lantaren Venster also go out of their way to curate international films with English subtitles for the city’s expat population as a means to connect with films from home and from abroad.

Nordic Watching
Lantaren Venster Rotterdam
29 June - 24 August

For the Nordics and lovers of noir, Lantaren Venster’s Nordic Watching event is for those who prefer their summers cool and brooding.

Breakfast at Kino
Kino Rotterdam
All year round

Every Sunday, you can grab a croissant, a coffee and a ticket to the movies at Kino, whose Breakfast events are discounted (from 24,50€ to 14,50€) for those with a Cinevill pass.

What Would Wes Watch
Kino Rotterdam
8 June - 10 August

In celebration of Asteroid City (his latest film)’s release, Kino have curated all the films which inspired the filmmaker’s signature cinematic look and feel.

Sophistication at de Balie
De Balie Amsterdam

De Balie is both a film theatre and a cultural-academic hub, hosting talks and lectures as well as screening underground documentary hits. It’s always a good sign when much of a theatre’s programme features Werner Herzog.

Previously Unreleased
Rialto de Pijp

Rialto have gone out of their way to screen films from the festival circuit that never quite made it into theatres. Not only do they do this every summer, but in doing so give great films the screen time they rightly deserve.

Deadpan Delights: The Films of Jim Jarmusch
Lab111 Amsterdam

Lab111 love movies new and old, and when they’re not gushing over cinematic cornerstones or the coming Barbie-Oppenheimer day of redemption, they’re curating the life work of underappreciated directors like Jim Jarmusch.

Dutch Film at Het Ketelhuis
Het Ketelhuis Amsterdam
All summer long baby

Whether you’re looking to grasp the Dutch mindset via film or just trying to polish your language skills, Het Ketelhuis is the go-to theatre for films from the Netherlands. Funnily enough, they’re doing a Werner  Herzog retrospective too. They must know that that’s a mark of a good cinema!

text by Tomas Einarsson cover by Kateryna Skipochka