Only Fire is the genius of our generation 

Egle Duobaite

There are a lot of super cool songs out there with a vibey beat, but only a few songs can pop my pussy the way Only Fire does. A combination of nice beats topped off with a cold, robotic female voice singing pure profanity. It is funny and sometimes relatable, but most of all - pure genius. This article is a tribute to Only Fire’s creativity and mastery.

Only Fire has been in the electronic music scene for a few years now. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, they started off by making silly mash-ups and remixes of other songs. But now that they are a part of the global music scene, they get recognized to the point of being reposted by the ICON - Bimini Bon Boulash. The vibey electronic beats and sexual lyricism are inspired by artists like CupcakKe, SOPHIE and Arca. Get into it. Right now.

One of the first songs I discovered by Only Fire was 7 Rings, which is basically a lesbian anthem. The beloved Siri-voice opens with:

I bought seven rings for my hoes
We wear them on our toes
I bought seven rings for my hoes
We wear them on our toes
Let's have a toast
I don't suck dick that's gross
Let's have a toast
I love pussy the most

Later they go on with:

We call ourselves scissor sisters
We're good, we don't need misters
Call ourselves scissor sisters
We're good, we don't need misters

It’s so simple, funny and relatable. Not only the lesbians are hooked, everyone is hooked and not only because of the quirky lyrics - the beat is bomb as well. The combination of these elements is a complete recipe for a banger. It is also funny because the lyrics are written by a man and performed by a robotic female voice, which adds another layer of irony. My favorite part of the song is when he goes:

I know what the Bible says
Trust me, I am against gays
But there is nothing in the Bible
Against lesbians
Girl on girl, that is fine
Boy on boy, that's a crime
How can you like dick over pussy
F****t, is you blind?

This just embodies the ironic humor that is very much what our generation is all about. And on top of that it’s witty:

Speed limit 60, but we go 69,
I know that it’s risky
but that’s why it’s so fun

The profanity of the lyrics also adds to the lyricism of our beloved genius. For example, in the song Double Penetration the Google translate Chick sings:

I’m a freak, freaky freak
Every day of the week
So to get me some orgasm
I need thick and double dick
Double D, double D
In my pretty little P
Doggy style, doggy style
Made me bruise my right knee
I am not asking for much
I just got tired of your touch
My hole is too big, it’s not for you to dig
Tonight I want that extra punch
I need double penetration

It’s profane and vulgar in a way that is so real, no filters or shying away from sexually explicit content. That is refreshing. But what makes this clusterfuck of humor and profanity actually relatable?

Heartbreak, insecurities, horniness, and being queer are subjects that a lot of people can relate to. The masterpieces of Only Fire touch upon all these subjects through a lens of hilariousness. It is empowering as well. The lyrics are so unapologetically explicit and ironic, they teach us about ownership of our sexualities, asking for what you want, and being unapologetically fire. It basically teaches us how to pop our pussies hard.

On top of that, I think lesbians are often overlooked and not taken seriously even in the queer community. 7 rings, therefore, is an important song of recognition. It is an anthem that is very much appreciated by lesbians. Thank you so much Only Fire.

Needless to say, Only Fires’ charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent truly make them iconic. The lyrics are relatable, funny, and extremely vulgar and the audience relates and loves it. It speaks to our generation in a language we can understand – irony. It teaches us that we can be sluts and there is no need to be ashamed of it. We can ask for what we want, and it’s okay to be heartbroken or want to be banged by two people all at once. You are not alone.