PODARUNOK in Ukrainian means “a Present”

Our event, under the same name, was organized on the 11th of December at De School, Amsterdam, and took the form of a Ukrainian Charity Lunch, a Christmas Market and Movie Screenings. We are happy to announce that the donations collected during the event amounted to 2835 euros.

All proceeds were collected with people and initiatives in the war-torn areas of Ukraine in mind. The harsh winter is exacerbated by country-wide power outages as a result of air strikes. To help people in the war-affected regions survive the cold season, the donations collected during the event were distributed as such:

1. 500 euros were sent to an initiative of Marta Hryniuk and Nick Thomas who buy generators for at-risk Ukrainians, particularly in the east of the country. Generators are used for basic amenities and communication in recently de-occupied areas near the frontline, in rural communities, in field hospitals and for reconstruction projects.
2. 500 euros in total were sent to two groups of Ukrainian soldiers who operate in the frontline to repair their cars.
3. 150 euros were sent to a group of Ukrainian defenders to buy tactical gear (a monitor controlling drones operations).
4. 200 euros in total were sent to two shelters in Odesa, the Lybov Laska shelter and a shelter of Olga Gergel, both working around the clock to help homeless animals, primarily cats and dogs.
5. 193 euros were used to buy humanitarian aid for Olga and her family who live near frontline Slovyansk; we bought food, cat kibble, a thermos, a flashlight and medicine. 
6. 200 euros were sent to Medhelpdnipro, a charity organization that helps to save people's lives by supporting Ukrainian doctors and hospitals with the necessary medicines and up-to-date hardware.
7. 350 euros in total were sent to two evacuation & paramedic initiatives (one guided by Oleksii, the other by Maria) who help people and animals escape Bakhmut and other places targeted and devastated by Russian soldiers.
8. 200 euros were donated to Olga, a school teacher from Mariupol to build a new life in the Netherlands after her family home was demolished by the shellings.
9. 50 euros were donated to Valera and her Dry Borscht initiative. Valera and her fellow volunteers prepare dry borscht, an easy and nutritious food and send it to the Ukrainian military in the trenches.
10. 300 euros in total were sent to a group of volunteers providing food and entertainment for children in de-occupied Kherson.
11. 100 euros were sent to ‘Bright Kids’, a charity organization supporting underprivileged children and their families. 
12. 92 euros were donated to a ‘Share the Warmth’ fundraiser of Solidarity Community Center SDK Slonecznik, dedicated to buying power generators and other tactical gear to help people in Ukraine survive the cold winter.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to make this event happen, by preparing food, making visual identification, decorations, films, conducting workshops and volunteering during the event. Special thanks to filmmakers who contributed their documentaries and personal stories to be screened during the event: Yuliia Pikhotska 'The flow', Oleksandra Pletenetska 'When Will the Warmth Come?', Daryna Snizhko 'Another night', UzvarCollective 'Recipies of Displacement.’

Many thanks to everyone who came, spent some time with us and donated money. Special thanks to our friends REJCAKE, Batoni Khinkali, Sophia, Oleksii, Maciej, Helena, Christopher, Nazar, Nastya, David and Katya, Lera, Danaia and Anastasiia from Spiral and many more who in some way contributed to this charity event. Huge gratitude to De School and Anne, for providing space and help to organize PODARUNOK. See you during the next endeavors!


Collect4Ukraine and UzvarCollective,

photos by Christopher Pugmire
design by Alyona Ciobanu & Stefaniia Bodnia
text by Anna Greszta