Welcome to the Spiral Book Club!

It happened people. Grab your pens, notes, and most importantly your precious books. It’s gonna get dead mad up in here.

SPIRAL BOOK CLUB was created because we want to hang out with you guys and know what you think of the sexy books you’re reading. Because we want to make it an unforgettable experience (as opposed to a regular silly book club), we will be holding an in-person meeting once a month centered on the chosen book, and we will also cover it online for those who want to dive in a little deeper into it or simply cannot attend — the best of both worlds for our divas.

For each book club, we will introduce a book and fill you in on the date and location of the meeting. This review article will be written by the person who chose the given book and will give you some idea of what it's about.

For each book club, we will host a meeting a month or two after we publish the review. The person who chose the book will present it briefly, which will be followed by group activities and a general discussion. We will try to keep things as exciting as possible!

After the meeting, we will publish a recap of our meeting and include the hottest takes we heard. We want to do this to chronicle the meetings and also to give a little taste to those who were unable to attend.

At the event, aside from an introduction and a group discussion, we will do interactive activities to get to know each other and to play around with the themes, thoughts, and feelings we all have while reading a book. These will be centered on the main topics of the book and will consist of group writing, drawing, collaging, and similar activities.

The entrance fee for this magical event is by donation (if you don’t have money - no problem, just come anyways!), with a suggested price of 5 Euro. Some snacks and drinks will be provided!

That is totally fine! With everything going on in the world it’s been increasingly hard for all of us to focus and/or find time to read and smash that Goodreads challenge. You absolutely do not have to finish the book by the day of the meeting, in fact, you don’t even need to read it. Anyone interested in the book, the event, or our organization is more than welcome to come and join our funky little event.

The Spiral Book Club will be officially launching this autumn, with the first session being on Mark Fisher's Capitalist Realism. Hosted by Culturally Spiralling editor Tomas Einarsson, his first session will be accompanied by an introductory article - so stay tuned on spiralmag.online!

The following session will be hosted by our editor-in-chief, Natalia Dembowska, who will be presenting the unmissable Drive Your Plough Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk.

Anyone - people who work in our teams, our creators, our readers, our future readers - can host a book club and present their book of choice. Just send us an email and secure your spot! We can't wait to see what you guys are reading!

We also encourage you to write reviews of books that we covered, regardless of how much time has passed. For example, if you came by without having read the book and you ended up reading it a few months later and liked it - send us a piece (of your mind)!

No pressure, no stress - let’s just encourage each other to read and vibe.

design and cover by Kateryna Skipochka