SPIRAL is a multi-platform magazine for students, artists and creatives to develop and consume relatable and meaningful content while promoting inclusivity, diversity, sustainability and creativity. It functions as an international collective where people with the same vision may work together on different projects and promote each other’s work so as to accelerate social change by raising awareness on important issues.

SPIRAL, mathematically illustrated as a shape based on the Fibonacci sequence, represents the continuous movement of interactive compositionality. It consists of individual elements in a growing sequence, where each element is the culmination of the previous ones while retaining its uniqueness and specific position within that sequence. 

SPIRAL is the motion sparking interactions between individual parts, allowing them to co-exist and complement each other. Self-organising reaction-diffusion processes based on activation and inhibition in symbiotic dynamic systems. 

This representation is the pattern that visually expresses the core idea behind the platform’s mission: to provide a space for different people to use and exchange their individual skills, allowing them to work on collaborative projects together and contribute to the community by expressing themselves freely and creatively.

Our mission

and values

Our main mission is to bring meaningful content by young people for young people. The basis of this mission are our core values, namely unity, diversity, creativity and responsibility.

Unity because we are all united in our experience of living on this planet and whether we like it or not, we very much are social creatures who depend on each other, making up a united complex multi-organism.

Diversity precisely because we are a united, yet diverse multi-organism, which is the very root of its complexity. Despite experiencing a shared existence, we all live it uniquely. The ways of living are as numerous as the number of people living, each providing an individual perspective and a distinct contribution to society.

Creativity because unity and diversity lead us to new solutions, ideas and paradigms. As people, we constantly reinvent ourselves and our societal structures, contributing to the cultural heritage of humanity and improving our ways of living and thinking.

Responsibility because none of these three values can be truly employed if not done in an accountable, respectful way. Diffusing knowledge and information is a task requiring a lot of responsibility and integrity, as media coverage has been shaping our views and connotations for decades. Media coverage that unfortunately does not always take into consideration its own bias, as well as the negative impact it may have on entire populations.

It is essential for us to safeguard these values and make sure they are used and reflected not only in our content but also in how we work together on our common goals.


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Ladi by Milena Leimig
FK Raster Grotesk Sharp by Florian Karsten