Team Structure

Our system is organised with the recognition of individuality and its role within the community, both internally and externally. 

We have a few distinctive teams working on developing the platform, ensuring the treatment of submissions and guiding creators throughout the process. Each person within our internal system works using their individual skills and interests, contributing to the collective in a way that personally suits their unique needs. 

The board ensures that the platform functions well and overlooks the overall quality of the project. The executive members of the board (Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, Communication Director, Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director, Marketing Director, Media Director and Finance Director) have specific tasks and responsibilities to ensure that the organisation runs and develops smoothly and consistently.

The editorial team ensures that the written submissions are processed, addressed, edited and published. There are four section editors who overlook each section and communicate with writers directly to guide them and inspire them in terms of the content that the magazine is looking for. They present content breakdown and article ideas to keep writers up to date with different themes and subjects we want to focus on. The managing editor manages the team of section editors and oversees the communication within the editorial team. The managing editor also receives the edited articles from section editors and is responsible for the second editing, as well as the communication with the editor-in-chief and assistant editor-in-chief. The editor-in-chief oversees the whole of the content and along with the assistant editor-in-chief approves the final articles. The team meets once a week to discuss new articles as well as the general direction of content and its conceptualisation in regard to the leading mission and identity. 

The creative team ensures that the visual and audiovisual submissions are processed, addressed, edited and published. These can be used on the website of the magazine as a piece on its own or on our social media platforms, depending on the specific purpose of the piece. In addition, the creative team curates the visual and audiovisual content for SPIRAL directly, such as social media content and activity, conceptual and fashion photoshoots, as well as video production and post-production for different outlets.