Sister Cities

SPIRAL is an international collective of artists, activists, writers, students and independent scholars dedicated to exploring and elaborating our core values of unity, diversity, creativity and responsibility. Our submissions are always open and we are always looking for new people to contribute to our growing network of sister cities ranging from Amsterdam to Kyiv, Berlin to Warsaw, Luxembourg to Goiania, Paris to Manchester (and many more to come).

To us, SPIRAL represents compositionality because it can only grow when individuals from across the world come together in order to build something that is greater than the sum total of our collective effort. As an open-community website, our aim is to exhibit and highlight written pieces, artworks, interviews and more as a means to encourage real-world change and concrete action. The SPIRAL team’s goal, at all times, will be to stimulate creative cross-border interactions with the aim of building an international community united by our values for those seeking to connect with others and express themselves.

Across SPIRAL’s sister cities, we will thus see invigorated and continuous dialogue between individuals and communities in a responsible and uniting fashion. Openness and transparency will always take centre stage in SPIRAL’s network of sister cities, as it is only through continuous dialogue, open discussion and creative interaction that we can make the most of a diverse and multi-cultural web of creatives.