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Copywriter’s main task is to write the texts for SPIRAL’s social media, website, and any form of publicity. They collaborate with the Social Media Manager and the Assistant Creative Director to make sure the content is engaging, original and clear, and that the voice of SPIRAL is consistent and adapted to each platform individually.

Tasks include:

- Writing original content that reflects and complements SPIRAL’s aesthetics
- Researching and implementing keywords to improve presence on search engines (general knowledge of SEO is a big plus)
- Basing texts on the social media strategy to reach the target audiences

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager works closely with the social media team and the creative team. Their biggest responsibility is to plan and schedule content, as well as manage and execute the content plan.

Social Media Manager overlooks how social media strategy is implemented, working together with Social Media Strategist.

Tasks include:

- Manages the social media team (distributing tasks, making sure everyone’s responsibilities are explicit and everyone is working consistently)
- Manages social media accounts (making sure DMs are being handled well, as well as other communication on social media channels)
- Conceptualises and creates original content for our social media in collaboration with the social media team and the creative team
- Keeps up to date with trends on each individual social media platform and makes sure that we use the trends that match SPIRAL

Regional Content Manager

Regional Content Manager overlooks all of the regional content. They are responsible for managing the work of all the Regional Curators. They are the connection between Regional Curators and the creative team, making sure that the curatorship of local content happens within the values and the system of SPIRAL.

Regional Content Manager works closely with the Creative Director and the Locally Spiraling Editor, as well as both the editorial and the creative teams.

Tasks include:

- Overlooks the content curated by the Regional Editors and the Regional Curators, ensuring cohesion within SPIRAL’s current and general focus
- Manages the work of Regional Curators by making sure all of our sister cities are covered, deadlines are met, and that the editorial and creative local content is well balanced and offers a mutli-media experience to our audience
- Active communication with Locally Spiraling Editor to ensure that the Regional Curators and Regional Editors are on the same page.

Production & Post-production

For production and post-production, we are looking for people working with video production locally in our sister cities (Amsterdam, Kyiv, Berlin, Warsaw, Luxembourg, Goiania, Paris, Manchester), as well as postproduction, which can be done remotely as well. Those include: video editors, film makers, people who work with sound production for videos and sound postproduction, reporters, and really anyone creative, active and ambitious who is working with video production and has some dope ideas.


The creatives are artists who contribute to Spiral with and through their unique, original artistic practice. Creatives are there to create content for editorial and social media, like a collage for a certain article or a little animation for content promotion, as well as producing something of their own, independently, and promoting it on Spiral platform - a video report, a video collage, a 3D animation - anything, that as well can be then enhanced by a text or an article from Editorial Team. Creatives collaborate with each other to enhance each others work and are working closely together with the Editorial team. We are looking for anyone who creates original content working with any medium - from collages made with cutouts from magazines to videos with complex animations and unique sound accompaniment.

Graphic Designer

Being a part of creatives in the Creative Team, a graphic designer is highlighted separately for having more clear set of tasks. Graphic Designer is responsible for keeping our visual identity up to date, keeping our social media visual identity cohesive, as well as overlooking if our visual identity is implemented right across all of our platforms, including our website. As one of the creatives, graphic designer has all the creative freedom and can as well take on some tasks from creatives, as creating a graphic for one of the articles for example. Graphic designer is working closely with Social Media Manager and is a part of the creative team.

Tasks include:
- Keeping visual identity of Spiral cohesive;
- Creating original, unique graphics on occasions - e.g. a poster for a party;
- Creating social media posts in Figma;
- Solid, active communication with Social Media Team.

We will post more vacancies soon! Stay updated ︎